The Habits of Leadership Podcast helps leaders & their teams to thrive, professionally & personally.


In this bitesize episode, Dan & Tim discuss the importance of psychological safety and how by showing vulnerability, leaders are able to enhance a sense of psychological safety within their teams. 

You can find out more about Dan's new book, the Act of Leadership by heading over to:


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In this bite size episode, Dan & Tim chat about Growth Mindset and some of the nuance that often gets missed when organisations attempt to embed it in their culture. 

Growth Mindset is a core pillar of Dan's new book The Act of Leadership. 

You can find out more about the book, and access the Leaders' Learning Hub at: 

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In this bitesize episode, Dan & Tim chat about the importance of recognising the danger of making assumptions. Things we take for granted are most likely preventing us from being our best. 

This is the focus of Chapter 3 of Dan's new book, The Act of Leadership. 

You can download the introduction and get your hands on heaps of resources at


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In this episode, Dan & Tim talk about the importance of acting mindfully, not mindlessly and share a simple way of thinking about how you might regulate your responses, rather than just reacting to what's in front of you. 

You can pre-order Dan's book and download the introduction at:



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In this, the first of a new series of short 'bitesize' episodes Dan introduces his new book, 'The Act of Leadership'.

In these short episodes, Tim will be interviewing Dan around some of the key themes in the book and how leaders can embed the learning in the book to help them get the best out of themselves and the people around them. 

You can learn more about the book at:


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