In this episode of the Habits of Leadership Podcast, Tim Perkins catches up with Dr. Lindsa McIntyre.

Fondly known as “Ms. Mac” Dr. McIntyre is a transformational educational leader in the city of Boston and is currently the headmaster of the Jeremiah E. Burke High School, located in the heart of the “promise neighbourhood” of Roxbury and Dorchester. Tasked to redesign a state designated underperforming high the school, Dr. McIntyre through her passionate interactions and interventions was able to meet the targeted needs of the entire at risk student body.

As a result, of her commitment to social justice, equity and access to quality education for all students, she was able to lead the school out of underperformance, making the Jeremiah E. Burke, the first high school in the commonwealth of Massachusetts to exit Turnaround status. 

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